President and Representative Director : Hiroshi Tanimoto
With the motto of "Chemistry to Console the World", we make every effort to be a company that can contribute to society.

Since its founding over 90 years ago, OHARA & CO., LTD. has contributed to the development of various industrial fields, serving as a specialized trading company with expertise in the trade, manufacture and sale of chemical-industry products.

We at OHARA are providing our customers with sales services as an information and function-oriented organization with advanced expertise in chemicals as key technology, which is also our founding spirit.

In various domestic fields, OHARA is swiftly contributing to a wide range of processes covering everything from basic chemicals to advanced IT-related fields.

In the overseas business fields, OHARA has positioned Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Taiwan as major markets. In order to respond to the needs of customers carrying out overseas operation, we conduct timely sales and information activities in respective positions and are always ready to assist customers to establish new overseas positions.

Fully aware of its status as a specialized trading company with expertise in chemical-industry products, for the entire life cycle of the products it handles (from distribution and use to disposal), OHARA conducts sales activities that protect the environment, safety and health under the motto of "Chemistry to Console the World". In this way, OHARA strives to contribute to society to the maximum.