Business Description

  • Basic Chemicals

    Supplying precise information to meet customer needs

    OHARA has grown into a developed company through handling of basic chemicals as its base business since its establishment, as supported by valued partners, ample business experience and information. From now on, we at OHARA are ready to contribute to development of the chemical industry by creating information network to meet customer needs and by developing high purity chemicals, nanotechnology products, electronic-related materials and functional products like catalyst materials, through exertion of high-level expertise and function as a specialized trading company.
  • Petrochemicals, Oil & Fats

    Providing chemical industry and polymer manufacturers with various materials and technology

    Petrochemical and oil products are widely used in manufacturing activities of various industries as well as in home life. OHARA is engaged in wide range of activities such as providing functional surface active agents, special high-performance dispersing agents for powder processing, various agents for polymerization and processing, raw materials for detergents, etc. and making proposal on superabsorbent polymer used for paper diaper.
  • Synthetic Resins

    Providing resin industry with environment-friendly plastic products and materials

    With interest in the global environment rising in recent years, OHARA aims to sell and promote environment-friendly plastics and materials, especially in the fields of automotive, home appliances, engineering, architecture, packaging material and electric cables. We at OHARA have newly developed an innovative bio-plastic product “ECO-P Sheet”, which has acquired Biomass Mark certification by Japan Organic Recycling Association.
  • Steel, Refractories & Nonferrous Metals

    Specialists in steel, refractories and ceramic industries

    Even in this modern age, when high-tech gadgets are highly valued, importance of steel and non-ferrous metals as base materials for all the industries has not changed. OHARA is supplying chemical agents for these fields and at the same time actively involved in offering new technology and information as an important supporter of the pivotal industry. In addition, we at OHARA are involved in many fields related to the refractory materials essential for the manufacture of metal products as well as ceramics products. In the field of nonferrous-metals, we deal with chemical agents, materials and equipments for metal recycling, focusing on by-product materials generated in the refining process.
  • Electronic-related Materials & Equipments

    Serving as a total coordinator for electronic-related industry

    As IT is progressing on a global scale, OHARA provides, along with supporting information, indispensable materials to various sectors such as functional plating chemicals, sputtering targets, vapor deposition materials, nonferrous-metals and their salts, raw materials for fine ceramics, liquid crystal, organic electroluminescence, secondary battery and functional-resin products, for manufacturing semiconductor and electronic parts essential to IT field. Also, in addition to material supply, we also cooperate with customers in an effort to constantly observe up-to-date technological trends and aim to be a total coordinator in electronic industry with a system quickly responsive to the daily accelerating technological development.
  • Overseas Business

    Specialists in export and import of chemicals and industrial products

    All the industries are now turning to overseas markets for strategic expansion. With a focus on Southeast Asia, OHARA is increasing and diversifying import and export business in terms of materials and products volume. In particular, in the field of import and export of hazardous materials, we at OHARA enjoy high reputation for smooth transactions of dangerous goods in small lots as well as in a container. Moreover, we are strengthening our business entity in Thailand, our major and pivotal position in Southeast Asia, starting to exploit privileged local customs duties system and addressing the niche markets in the area. In addition to chemical fields of semiconductors, synthetic resins and surface treatment, etc., OHARA is developing automotive-related parts, steel-related processing agents and the plants and equipments designed for food-related and environment-related fields.
  • Automotive

    Serving as a total coordinator for automotive industry

    OHARA is making useful proposals to customers, taking into due consideration their development aim and intention, on variety of materials including ones for brake units which are important safety parts. As a total coordinator for the field, we at OHARA assist customers by proposing cost-saving measures including tailor-made contract manufacturing and logistics arrangements. In response to further expansion, development and globalization of the automotive industry, OHARA, as a “ready-to-serve” trading company, contributes to the industry by meeting all needs of customers, inclusive of local-material procurement, promptly.
  • Environment-related Business

    Serving as a system coordinator for reduce, reuse and recycle

    OHARA is actively involved in environmental conservation through the sales of various treatment chemicals for water, air and soil and related facilities. Especially water treatment is our specialty field and we at OHARA feature water recycling by membrane system, volume reduction of waste liquids by condensing facility, recovery of acid and alkali by electrodialyzer, recycling of nonorganic salts by bipolar membrane electrodialyzer and heavy metal elimination by chelating resin, etc. Furthermore, promotion of chemicals of reduced environmental loading and development of energy-saving products in energy-related sector and various battery materials are our active business targets under way in the field.
  • Paper & Pulp

    Contributing to paper industry, friendly in respect of resources and environment

    Environmental consideration is of utmost importance now in handling chemicals related to paper and pulp industry. OHARA is in a position to supply products for all the paper-related fields from manufacturing to waste water treatment and, at the same time, to get involved in environmental conservation actively. In addition, a distribution base is set up to support our supply of the chemical agents mainly for paper and pulp works in northeastern Japan.
  • Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics & Others

    Supporting healthy lives for people in the 21st century

    In a rapidly aging society of Japan, the role of products such as medicines, health foods, cosmetics, etc. is becoming increasingly important. In addition to medicaments such as bulk and intermediate products, OHARA meets diverse needs with a wide range of product lineup including cosmetics, food additives and biotechnology-related products. Also, we at OHARA are actively expanding contract manufacturing business and making constant effort to challenge new fields such as organic synthesis and others.