OHARA was created with the goal of manufacturing, sales and import/export of chemical industry products Since then, we have constantly created new value and continued to respond to customer's demand. Year 2018 will herald the centennial since our foundation. Below is an explanation of our history as a company expanding in the arena of global business.

■Old Office

Jan. 1916 Ohara Shunji Shoten founded for the purpose of manufacturing, importing and exporting chemical-industry products.
Dec. 1918 Ohara Shoten Co., Ltd. established with capital of 500,000 yen.
April 1929 Relocated to Kobuna Gashi (now Kobuna-cho) in Nihonbashi-ku, where the head office is currently located.
April 1935 Osaka Branch opened (now Osaka Branch).
Dec. 1944 Company name changed to OHARA & CO., LTD.
Aug. 1955 Capital reached 25 million yen. In response to the development of the petrochemical industry, entered new fields, such as organic chemicals and composite resins in addition to the conventional field of inorganic chemicals.
July 1957 Capital reached 50 million yen.
April 1958 Kyushu Sales Office (now Kyushu Branch) opened in Kita Kyushu City.
Jan. 1962 Capital reached 100 million yen.
1963 Ishinomaki Factory established within the factory premises of Tohoku Pulp Co., Ltd. (now NIPPON PAPER INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.) in Ishinomaki City. Aluminum sulfate production started.
Aug. 1969 Capital reached 150 million yen.
May 1973 Fukuyama Office (now Fukuyama Sales Office) opened.
1974 Entered new fields, including pharmaceutical intermediates, animal drugs and food.
Sept. 1982 Capital reached 250 million yen.
1983 Entered the then latest fields, including new materials, bio technology and new ceramics.
Aug. 1985 Nagoya Sales Office(now Nagoya Branch) opened. A new head office building completed.
June 1988 Bangkok Office opened to expand overseas business.
March 1990 Capital reached 784.6 million yen.
Sept. 1993 Bangkok Office closed and a new corporation, OHARA (THAILAND) CO., LTD. established.
May 2000 OHARA CHEMICALS SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. established in Singapore.
March 2002 ISO 14001 acquired.
May 2002 OHARA CHEMICAL (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. established in Shanghai.
2010 Entered automotive field.
June 2013 OHARA CHEMICALS (THAILAND) CO., LTD. established.
April 2015 Nagoya Sales Office promoted to Nagoya Branch.